Computational Modeling of Signaling Pathways for Development of Targeted Therapy in Breast Cancer
Postdoc, 3 years, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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This is a postdoc position in the Cancer Systems Biology Center (CSBC) , which is a research center, recently funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, and aims to develop a broadly applicable strategy to tackle the complexity of molecular networks that govern (breast) tumorigenesis. This strategy will be rooted in a computational modeling and experimental validation cycle spanning multiple levels of complexity including cell lines, mouse models and patients. The final goal is to deliver improved diagnostic tools to enable tailored cancer therapy. The center is a close collaboration between Molecular Biologists (Beijersbergen and Bernards labs), Mouse Cancer Genetics (Jonkers lab), Computational Biologists (Wessels lab) and the clinic.
The Netherlands Cancer Institute is a dedicated cancer center conducting research in all major areas of cancer, with a strong emphasis on translational research. The Bioinformatics and Statistics group (Wessels lab) provides leadership on the collection and analysis of data for the research programs of the institute, by developing novel compuational approaches and performing state of the art analyses of a wide array of data types, including laboratory and animal experiments, clinical trials, and epidemiologic studies.

Employment conditions
   The temporary employment will be for a period of three years.
   The gross monthly salary for a Postdoc will range from ˆ 3140 to ˆ 3.495 and depends on previous experience.
   The Center can help you find housing.
   The NKI-AVL has been listed in the top 25 of ‘Best Employers’ in 2009 offering a specialized cancer research institute and hospital with good working conditions and an excellent atmosphere.

The succesful candidate will develop models to predict cellular and tumor phenotypes and optimize therapeutic strategies based on cellular pathway activities. The models will be constructed based on existing models of the important signaling pathways involved in breast tumorigenesis and extensive high throughput perturbation measurements registering (phospho)proteome expression levels and cellular phenotypes. The models will be refined by adding important players emerging from the center’s tumor resequencing and insertional mutagenesis screening programs, and based on the results obtained from hypothesis-driven perturbation measurements.

Qualifications and experience

The ideal candidate has a background in (dynamic) modeling of biological systems, preferentially signaling pathways, bioinformatics, computer science, statistics, physics, or biology, strong algorithmic skills. The vacancy is a research position within the field of bioinformatics/computational biology and the research will be carried out in close collaboration with the involved partners.

To apply, and for further information please contact Lodewyk Wessels.

Deadline: 1 October 2010.

Lodewyk Wessels
Phone: +31-20-512 7987