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Here are the links to the publications in which members of SABLab have been participated as co-autors.
The contents of all on-line information are protected by copyright law. No portion of these publications, whether in original or in altered form, may be duplicated, distributed, transmitted in any form, or included in other documents without explicit approval of the copyright holder.

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  Moussay E., Wangb K., Chob J.-H., van Moera K., Piersona S., Paggettia J., Nazarov P.V., Palissot V., Hoodb L.E., Berchem G., Galasb D.J., MicroRNA as biomarkers and regulators in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. PNAS, 2011, v.7:7, in press

  Moussay E., Kaoma T., Baginska J., Muller A., Van Moer K., Nicot N., Nazarov P.V., Vallar L., Chouaib S., Berchem G., Janji B. The acquisition of resistance to TNFa in breast cancer cells is associated with constitutive activation of autophagy as revealed by a transcriptome analysis using a custom microarray. Autophagy, 2011, in press

  Nepomuceno I., Azuaje F., Devaux Y, Nazarov P.V., Muller A., Aguilar-Ruiz J.S., Wagner D.R., Prognostic transcriptional association networks: a new supervised approach based on regression trees. Bioinformatics, 2011, v.27:2, 252-8.


  Philippidou D., Schmitt M., Moser D., Margue C., Nazarov P.V., Muller A., Vallar L., Nashan D., Behrmann I., Kreis S. Signatures of microRNAs and selected microRNA target genes in human melanoma. Cancer Research, 2010, v.70:10, 4163-73.

  Halavatyi A.A., Nazarov P.V., Al Tanoury Z., Apanasovich V.V., Yatskou M., Friederich E., A mathematical model of actin filament turnover for fitting FRAP data. Eur. Biophys. J., 2010, v. 39:4, 669-77.

  Hemminga M.A., Vos W.L., Nazarov P.V., Koehorst R.B.M., Wolfs C.J.A.M., Spruijt R.B., Stopar D., Viruses: incredible nanomachines. New advances with filamentous phages. Eur. Biophys. J., 2010, v. 39:4, 541-50.


  Kavalenka A.A., Modeling membrane protein structure using site-directed ESR spectroscopy, PhD Thesis, 2009 , ISBN: 978-90-8585-424-1.

  Vos W.L., Nazarov P.V., Koehorst R.B.M., Spruijt R.B., Hemminga M.A., From I to L and back again: the odyssey of membrane-bound M13 protein Trends Biochem. Sci., 2009, v. 34, p. 249-255.

  Halavatyi A.A., Nazarov P.V., Medves S., van Troys M., Ampe C., Yatskou M., Friederich E., An Integrative Simulation Model Linking Major Biochemical reactions of actin-polymerization to structural properties of actin filaments. Biophys. Chem., 2009, v. 140, p. 24-34.


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  Halavatyi A., Medves S., Hoffman C., Apanasovich V., Yatskou M., Friederich E. Mathematical model and software FRAPAnalyser for analysis of actin-cytoskeleton dynamics with FRAP experiments. Proceedings of FEBS/ECF Workshop "Mechanics and dynamics of the cytoskeleton". 22nd -26th June, 2008, Potsdam, Germany, p.50.

  Yatskou M., Halavatyi A., Nazarov P., Medves S., van Troys M., Ampe C., Friederich E. An automated integrative computer simulation approach for stochastic modelling of actin-polymerization. Proceedings of FEBS/ECF Workshop "Mechanics and dynamics of the cytoskeleton". 22nd -26th June, 2008, Potsdam, Germany, p.100.


  Halavatyi A.A., Nazarov, P.V., Yatskou M.M., Apanasovich V.V. and Friederich E. Simulation and analytical models for the analysis of in vitro actin polimerization. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference "Computer Data Analysis and Modeling: Complex Stochastic Data and Systems", 2007, v.2, p. 184-187.

  Nazarov P.V., Koehorst R.B.M., Vos W.L., Apanasovich V.V. and Hemminga M.A. FRET study of membrane proteins: determination of the tilt and orientation of the N-terminal domain of M13 major coat protein. Biophys. J., 2007, v. 92, p. 1296-1305.

  Vos W.L., Schor M., Nazarov P.V., Koehorst R.B.M., Spruijt R.B. and Hemminga M.A., Structure of membrane-embedded M13 major coat protein is insensitive to hydrophobic stress, Biophys. J., 2007, v. 93, p. 3541-3547.


  Nazarov P.V., Simulation and analysis of FRET in the study of membrane proteins, PhD Thesis, 2006, ISBN: 90-8504-553-3.

  Nazarov P.V., Koehorst R.B.M., Vos W.L., Apanasovich V.V. and Hemminga M.A. FRET study of membrane proteins: simulation-based fitting for analysis of protein structure, membrane embedment and association. Biophys. J., 2006, v. 91, p. 454-466.

  Nazarov P.V., Yatskou M.M., Barsukov E.A., Ivashkevich E.V., Golovaty A.A., Apanasovich V.V., Friederich E. Developing mathematical models, algorithms and programming tools for analysis of actin-based motility. Proceedings of the 3rd Wolfgang Pauli International Workshop on Mathematical Modelling of Actin-Based Motility, Vienna, Austria, 2006, p. 13-14.


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