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    Biologists are increasingly recognizing that computational modelling and data analysis are crucial for handling and understanding the vast majority of experimental data that are now being collected. This requires implementation of the methods of systems analysis in studies of biological and biomolecular objects as well as construction of integrated computer simulation models for involved processes.

    The team of our virtual Lab are aiming at different aspects of the systematic implementation of advanced mathematical, statistical and computational techniques to various bio-systems and processes, including:
        transcriptomics and microarray analysis techniques
        actin polymerization assays and cytoskeleton
        membrane proteins
        various photophysical processes in biological and non-biological systems

    Current projects:
        CoExpress a tool for co-expression analysis of microarray data
        Workshop: "Statistical Data Analysis in Excel"
        Training course "Applied Statistics"
        Workshop: R Training
        Actin plolymerization
        Analysis of FRAP

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