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These positions are collected from various sources: French Bioinfo mailing list, Euraxess Luxembourg , etc. We are only relisting the positions but do not provide them. If you are interested - please contact the original submitters.

  Computational Modeling of Signaling Pathways for Development of Targeted Therapy in Breast Cancer Postdoc, 3 years, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,    reposted 7.07.2010

  PhD position in computational biology Dresden, Germany,    reposted 7.07.2010

  PhD position in systems biology Montpellier, FRANCE,    reposted 25.06.2010

  Multi-scale Analysis of Genomics Data PhD or Postdoc, 4 years, Delft, The Netherlands,    reposted 25.06.2010

  Systems Analyst, R-Programmer (Computational Biology) programmer II-III, Seattle,    reposted 21.06.2010

  Systems Analyst, Web Development (Computational Biology) programmer II-III, Seattle,    reposted 21.06.2010

  Life Sciences-Gene regulation (Biology) postdoc, 3 years, University of Luxembourg,    reposted 25.05.2010

  Mining protein interaction data and its context from the scientific literature PhD studentship in bioinformatics/text mining, University of Manchester,    reposted 21.05.2010

  Positions for Bioinformaticians postdocs and junior,    reposted 21.05.2010

  Position on the design of a Java module engineer, 1 year,    reposted 20.05.2010

  A meta environment for biological network modelling Ph.D. position, 3 years, TIMC-IMAG lab, Grenoble,    reposted 20.05.2010

  Structural and parametric identification of bacterial regulatory networks Ph.D. position, 3 years, INRIA Grenoble - Rhone-Alpes,    reposted 17.05.2010

  Position on sarcoma characterisation for biostatistician/bioinformatician postdoc/engineer, 12+ months,    reposted 14.05.2010

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